How to make 20% net after tax using a real estate hedge fund

How to make 20% net after tax using a real estate hedge fund

My MIGSIF Hedge Fund has invested in real estate properties since 2009. Investors’ capital is secured by all the properties held in the Fund for added safety and security.

I want to explain in this writing the power of compounding the earned returns and how some people work less and make more over time.

Say you place $1,000,000 in MIGSIF. Your return would be 8% interest per year and you would have the right to reinvest the dividend interest payouts every 6 months (Payouts are made on Feb 28 and Aug 31). This method would compound your returns and double your money in 9 years.

You can use any online calculator link this one –

You doubled your money in 9 years. Your $1 Mil invested is now $2 Mil and the cash is sitting in your MIGSIF account.

Take the $1Mil you made in profit and divide by 9 years and you will find out that your yearly average returns equal 11% and not 8%. This is due to the compounding effect.

But wait, it gets more exciting: 
If you leave your money invested and continue to compound the future payouts, say for another 9 years (18 years in total) your account would now have $4Mil in cash.

You quadrupled your money in double the time. Your $1Mil invested is now $4Mil and the capital is available in your MIGSIF account.

Take $3mil in profit and divided by the 18 years period and you will find out that your average yearly returns equal 16.5% and not 8% again due to the power of compounding.

Another 9 years and your $1 Mil would be now $8Mil. That is 25.9% per year, not 8%!

If you then cash out your money and pay taxes (All that is required to cash out of MIGSIF is an email request to withdraw all or part of the capital and you get cashed out within 12 months).

The tax impact would be only once on your $7 Mil profit over the years. You actually would end up with a net of around $5.5 Mil.

This gives you a net after-tax return of 20.3% per year. (Remember MIGSIF has no subscription fee, no management fee, and no withdrawal fee).

That is the best way I can explain to you the magic of compounding. And that’s how you can beat inflation, taxes, worries, and hard work in addition to capitalizing on my expertise, connections, momentum, and experience in real estate.

I have seen many competitors offer investors some short-term high-paying buy/sell (Flip) opportunity that may return say 15%. But the money is only collateralized by that one property. It is all based on a local market and timing. The promoters usually do not file with the SEC for added compliance and needed a regulatory structure to protect everyone. And most importantly these promoters do not explain that even if all goes well, the flip will get taxed as ordinary gains, which is the highest tax, usually at 35% plus state tax. So you have held your breath and taken a risk to end up with less on average than if you would’ve invested in MIGSIF.

I have always watched the tax impact on the investments I undertake and worked hard to structure opportunities that offer low to no risk with decent returns and low to no tax impact.

There are ways for everyone to join MIGSIF and benefit over a short and a long period of time. But nothing beats the opportunity to predictably compound your returns over and over with such a high margin of safety.

Keep in mind that the end goal is simplicity so let’s begin with simplicity. MIGSIF helps investors achieve a high level of wealth, freedom, and peace of mind.

If you like excitement and are addicted to activities for constant stimulation that cost you a bit more in taxes, then, by all means, do not invest all your money in MIGSIF, leave some on the side for the wild ventures that keep you excited and enjoy a good balance in your portfolio.

In closing, I cannot see how and why everyone would not be investing in MIGSIF.

Contact me to discuss the ways you can join the Fund a.s.a.p. Every day you delay cost you money, and that is called “opportunity cost”…. I have covered the subject in another writing.

Looking forward to our growth together.

Cherif Medawar
Hedge Fund Manager

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Two Basic Ways to Make Money in Real Estate and a Dozen Ways to Lose it All

Make money in RE:
1) Buy and sell
a) Buy and sell as is
b) Buy, fix and sell

2) Buy and hold:
a) Buy and hold based on per unit price
b) Buy and hold based on a per sq ft price

Sooner or later you will mature enough to:
1) Buy and hold instead of keep buying and selling
2) Buy and hold the type of properties that require the least amount of marketing, management and finance.

Lose money in flipping RE:
1) Buying at a high price
2) Buying at the wrong time/market
3) Buying in the wrong place
4) Buying the wrong property with physical obsolescence
5) Fixing at too high a price
6) Fixing too much – too little or the wrong things
7) Under marketing property
8) Selling at too low a price
9) Having no cash reserves
10) Having wrong people involved (partners, investors, contractors, brokers, bankers, appraisers etc.)

Lose money in holding RE:
All of the above plus:
1) Renting to the wrong tenant
2) Bad lease, price and terms
3) Not maintaining the property
4) Not resolving matters with finality
Obviously this is a very short list. Please give me feedback and let’s add to the list of how and why some people lose money in real estate.